Sammartino looses cover of Hall & Oates classic


Ahead of the release of his Sings Songs of Love cassette Sammartino has released a cover of the Hall & Oates classic “Out of Touch”. Pre-order his latest cassette here:


Sammartino says “Sorry”




Sammartino has asked me to pass on his apologies for being unable to perform at The Harley on this night 24th January in the Year of Our Lord 2017.

He asked me to emphasise that the gig is still very much worth attending as it does indeed contain Saif Mode, Blood Sport and TRASH. All of whom he says are excellent, he asserts that the show represents “fantastic value”. Here is a link to the show.

Sammartino was so confident in his inhuman powers of recovery that he had gone to the lengths of preparing Hymn Sheets for the occasion. He has passed these on to me and, if you would like one, I will be able to pass one on to you. Please send your UK postal address to rectifierportal[at]gmail[dot]com and I will send you one free of charge.


Irma Vep, Jon Collin and El Hijo del Sammartino at Foodhall Project, Sheffield, 13th January



At Foodhall Project, RECTIFIER presents its premiere event in Sheffield. Watch the incomparable Irma Vep and Jon Collin grace Sheffield again with support from El Hijo del Sammartino.

Irma Vep returns triumphant to Sheffield following on from last year’s performance at Tye Die Tapes HQ (one of the final gigs at the venue). Jon Collin’s excellent experimental guitar playing is the perfect tonic to the Christmas period’s excesses.

Didn’t get a chance to watch Tangerine Dream in 1974? No worries, El Hijo del Sammartino has your back. Watch as he continues his ongoing feud with other Sheffield-based masked electronic artist.

The Foodhall Project on Matilda St. is an excellent pay-what-you-like cafe supporting disadvantaged people in Sheffield by providing food with no obligation to pay.

Sammartino – The Life Ecstatic


Graciously, Rectifier presents Sammartino’s The Life Ecstatic.

Sammartino’s robotic songs reflect on what it means to be human in an age of unfiltered information with no boundaries. The Life Ecstatic is a longing for something beyond – the ability to reason with people past the superficial. Across the EP’s 4 recordings Sammartino turns his gaze to history, alchemy and science and draws the conclusion that the three are inseparable.

This is brought to you by Rectifier and is available as a free of charge download by clicking here.